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                                                                                                       Sunrise - a new day dawning

                                                                                                            another day for choices
                                                                                                      may we all make the best ones
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                                                                                                   20 Second St, Lansdowne, Masterton
                                                      If the sign is out at the kerbside I am available - otherwise you can phone for likely times. 

                                                                                                                 Newsflash !!! -

                                                Good news folks !! Delicious Mountain Gold Manuka is now on the shelf !!
                                                                       Starting off with MGO 125+ and MGO 250+ in 500gm pots.

                                                         Riversdale  manuka honey - now in CLEARANCE SALE  - see the Manuka Honey page.
                                                Whether you are a parent, or you are concerned about your own health;  then please continue
                                                             to Healthy Living Conversations, and then you might also like to look at:

                             Manuka Lozenges - First Honey Wound Care  - ManukaMeds Wound & Skin Care - Manuka Honey - Manuka Honey and Animals -
                                                          Elmore Oil (topical for pain relief) - Sabun Soap - Essential Oils - and more besides ....

          Extra Bonus !!
 Ordering on line :  Spend $100 or more on pots of Manuka Honey  and your order will be couriered freight  free.
 Buying in the shop : For every $100 spent on Manuka Honey a packet of Lozenges will be yours for free.
Purchasing :
  • At 20 Second St office/shop: Please note Eftpos is not available. 
  • Online: Selling in New Zealand only. Please use the Contact Us form. See more on purchasing at the bottom of this page.
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Phone: 06 377 4262
Mobile: 0274 403 728 ( prefer text only)

20 Second St
Masterton 5810
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