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Your Call - Your Choice - Your Change

                                                                                         Healthy Living

                                                                                 we all want this don't we?
                                                                                     You may well need to

                                                                                     Pinpoint the Problem
                                                                                          Find the Fault
                                                                                       Catch the Culprit
                                                                                      Rope in the Rustler
                                                                                  Clean out the Cupboards
                                                                        Your Call - Your Choice - Your Change
                            Let's get talking
  •     about eating well for our individual health needs
  •     about avoiding unhealthy products for our bodies
  •     about avoiding unhealthy cleaning products - and much more...
  For short discussions there will be no charge....... if I can motivate you to make changes for your better health that is reward enough.

We are living in a time when you can scarcely afford to be ill, either physically, financially or emotionally. You cannot be guaranteed a hospital bed or medication that cures - and what about the "side-effects" of those very medications?
Health Dept statistics reveal the dreadfully high numbers of people developing the likes of cancer, coronary disease, asthma etc: and in some instances it is "1 in 2".                         We all want to avoid being that "1", don't we?
There are lots of things you can do to avoid this, and what better time to start? It's now. Let's get well and keep well, with fun and enjoyment in the process. Looking at ways to avoid taking drugs where you can, with dietary changes.

Call into the office/shop: 20 Second St, Lansdowne, Masterton     
          look for the sign at the kerbside, or phone to sort a suitable time     

Phone: 06 377 4262 or use the contact us form to establish your interest or to ask any questions.
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