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Manuka Honey

Yummy Mountain Gold Manuka  is now here


                   MG 125+ in 500gm pots  just $45.00

              MG 250+ (10+) in 500gm pots just $83.00
Yes - this is really delicious and produced just  20kms north of
     here. I am really thrilled to have this honey here for sale.
  You are MOST welcome to come in and taste it for yourself.

              10+ is good for health maintenance
   Riversdale - clearance sale

10+MGS 250gm ( RRP $64 each ) - sale price - 2 for $90

16+MGS 250gm ( RRP $99 each ) - sale price - 2 for $150


                Watson & Son black label

          20+ 250g (RRP $190.70) on sale for only $150

10+ is good for health maintenance     

16+ You may find this is beneficial for the problems of coughs, colds, bronchitis, and all manner of infections, as well as inflammation  - and best of all it is delicious!

20+ Don't just eat it: higher certified rated honey can be used on cuts, burns, scars, skin infections, warts, leg ulcers, solar keratosis, wasp and bee stings, insect and spider bites and much more.