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            MANUKA DERM

      MANUKA DERM 50g (BB 10/2023)


               Skin Protectant Cream

                   our price $18.50


Manuka derm contains certified Manuka honey with 16+ non peroxide activity.

Use for the temporary protection of chapped and cracked skin. Customers have used this product for good relief of  eczema and psoriasis.


 MANUKAtex (10cm x 12.5cm) (BB 08/2021)

Honey impregnated non-adherent dressing for leg ulcers, 1st & 2nd degree burns, surgical and trauma wounds  
           our price - Singles $5.60


  MANUKApli  (2 tube pack)  (BB 1/2021)   

 (sterile honey wound dressing in a tube)
                   our price  $27

MANUKApli Wound Dressings are sterile; single-use wound care dressings for use in moist wound management. MANUKApli wound dressings may be used over-the-counter for:
     Minor Abrasions - Lacerations - Minor Cuts 
                     Minor Scalds and Burns    
Fast and easy to apply, you’ll find MANUKApli is the ideal dressing for a variety of common skin conditions. Make it an important part of your first-aid kit today.