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                                                               Human use of  Manuka Honey (Certified quality)
 Notes for the above photos............
With the approval of the doctor in charge of my case - 2 district nurses used the following treatment.
25+ manuka honey treatment for cellulitis
(Normally 3 months to heal, being extremely painful and leaving scars.)
The cellulitis developed after an allergic reaction to chlorine - starting with staph infection in the ear (with not having a spleen it meant this infection was a serious problem).
18.12.06 I was admitted to hospital. Having antibiotics intravenously did nothing to stop the progress of severe cellulitis.
23.12.06 Back home - began topical treatment with certified 25+ bio-active manuka honey. The doctor assigned two district nurses to treat this on alternate days - and both were stunned at how quickly the healing took place. New healthy skin developed in 3 weeks. Stopped using honey at 4 weeks. From the moment the honey was first applied there was no more pain.
That's me - Frances.

16+ on painful ridged scars from operation after mauling by dog
I am back to buy more honey off you - the honey you put on my hand healed it!! Look - it's all healed.
Market Day customer
16+ manuka honey treatment for diverticulitis
For the first time ever I did not have to go to doctor and go on antibiotics or end up in hospital - when I got diverticulitis I went to bed, ate 5 teaspoons of honey during the day, and had another 3 in hot lemon drinks. I was out of bed next day, carried on the same treatment, and in 3 days totally well and could eat again. Now eating "safe" foods I do not get diverticulitis any more - I continue to have 2 or 3 tsps a day to keep my immune system working properly and consequently do not get colds or hay fever as used to. Best tasting medicine ever!!
25+ manuka honey treatment for burns
My fingers got stuck to the red hot roll bar inside the firebox of the wood burner - taking the flesh off four fingers. I spread honey over them straightaway and bandaged them. The pain rapidly went, and I changed the bandages on alternate days. In a few days new flesh was forming. There are no scars. It's great for healing cracked lips, and putting on skin after mozzie bites, and bee stings.
16+ manuka honey for psoriasis
I am taking a teaspoon of 16+ a day and spreading some on my skin and it is working, my skin is healing. I am feeling so much better.
10+ Manuka honey for sleeping better
I have started having a teaspoon of 10+ in a hot lemon drink before going to bed and now I am actually sleeping through the night. Wonderful stuff.
Happy honey user - Tauranga.
25+ after teeth removed
 I had 11 top teeth taken out and used 25+ certified manuka honey to heal the sockets. Every night I would put a good smearing of it into my mouth before sleep. My sockets healed up cleanly very quickly. The dentist was amazed. I recommend everyone to do this under the same circumstances.
From Matamata